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The CircularString Geometry in SQL Server 11 (Denali)

SQL Server Denali supports several new types of spatial geometry, including the CircularString. The CircularString, like the LineString, is an instantiable geometry derived from the abstract curve class. However, unlike the LineString which uses linear interpolation to connect points using … Continue reading

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Drivetime Polygons with MapPoint and Bing Maps

There was a time, a few years ago, when the MapPoint CD could regularly be found in my computer’s CD drive… back then, it was the best tool for examining maps, plotting routes, and creating your own sets of pushpin … Continue reading

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The site, the Bing Maps key, and the Elevation REST Service is Microsoft’s consumer-facing map site. The functionality that it exposes (geocoding, routing, map display etc.) is based on, although not identical to, the features available through the Bing Maps AJAX Control and Silverlight control. A recent question on the … Continue reading

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Bing Maps UK Usergroup Meeting – January 19th 2011

The videos from the last Bing Maps UK UG meeting are now available online at the group homepage – Apologies for the poor audio quality – as a group we’ve always felt that there was a benefit in moving … Continue reading

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The Google Maps / Bing Maps Spherical Mercator Projection

I see a lot of people get confused or report problems when attempting to project spatial data to create raster images that line up with the base map layers used in Bing Maps / Google Maps. It’s not helped by … Continue reading

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Splitting Multi Geometries into single geometries

Unlike some spatial formats/systems (such as the ESRI shapefile), SQL Server lets you store different types of geometry within a single column. That is to say that a single geometry or geography column within a SQL Server table may contain … Continue reading

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Drupal 7.x hook_menu not displaying page title

Since Drupal 7 was in development for a long time, I, like I imagine many others, started building sites using the various alpha- and beta- releases that have been available since about the summer of 2009. I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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