New Year Blog Resolution

Happy 2011, everyone! I’m not normally a big fan of New Year’s resolutions (why wait for a day that only comes round once a year to try to make yourself better?), but since I’m feeling motivated at the moment, here goes…

I resolve that, throughout 2011, I will post on average at least one new blog post every week. In each post I will attempt to cover some aspect of working with spatial data (including Bing Maps, SQL Server, Open Street Map, and related technologies) that I find interesting, and I hope you will find useful.

Inspired by Kevin Beares’ talk on “Content Ideation” at the UK MVP open day a few weeks ago, if I can’t think of anything else interesting to write about, I’ll try to answer a question that has been frequently/recently asked in the MSDN forums, propose a workaround for a known bug, or write about a “hot topic” currently bothering people in the development community (I can’t always promise to get a solution, but I’ll have a go…).

So, watch this space!

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