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The Google Maps / Bing Maps Spherical Mercator Projection

I see a lot of people get confused or report problems when attempting to project spatial data to create raster images that line up with the base map layers used in Bing Maps / Google Maps. It’s not helped by … Continue reading

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Splitting Multi Geometries into single geometries

Unlike some spatial formats/systems (such as the ESRI shapefile), SQL Server lets you store different types of geometry within a single column. That is to say that a single geometry or geography column within a SQL Server table may contain … Continue reading

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Drupal 7.x hook_menu not displaying page title

Since Drupal 7 was in development for a long time, I, like I imagine many others, started building sites using the various alpha- and beta- releases that have been available since about the summer of 2009. I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Putting the “Geo” into GeoRSS

I’m a big fan of georss. It’s a simple architecture that allows you to bind geographic information (i.e. latitude/longitude coordinates) into any XML content (e.g. Atom/RSS feeds). If you’ve already got spatial data, you can use GeoRSS to create a … Continue reading

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