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Putting the “Geo” into GeoRSS

I’m a big fan of georss. It’s a simple architecture that allows you to bind geographic information (i.e. latitude/longitude coordinates) into any XML content (e.g. Atom/RSS feeds). If you’ve already got spatial data, you can use GeoRSS to create a … Continue reading

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Loading SQL Server Spatial Data from the Command Line

Shape2SQL is an excellent little utility that can be used to load spatial data from shapefiles into SQL Server 2008. Considering that the shapefile format is pretty much ubiquitous throughout the spatial world, and SQL Server doesn’t provide any other … Continue reading

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Who needs Google Maps? Build your own Mapping, Geocoding, and Routing service with SQL Server

Back in November 2009, I was lucky enough to present a session at the SQLBits V conference, on “Creating High Performance Spatial Databases“. I say “lucky” not because I enjoy presenting at conferences (because I don’t particularly), but because SQL … Continue reading

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Draggable Routes in Bing Maps

There have been several recent posts asking how to implement draggable routes in Bing Maps. Following on from my New Year’s resolution, I thought I’d write about how to do this. To start with, it’s easiest to consider a route … Continue reading

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Ordnance Survey National Grid Bing Maps App

Online web-mapping is a competitive business. There are Bing Maps, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Open Street Map, and many other providers. Until recently, was a popular mapping site here in the UK, partly because it presented Ordnance Survey maps … Continue reading

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The Bing Maps SOAP Search Service

Given the choice, I normally go for REST over SOAP. Not in the context of choosing a lie-in over a shower, but rather in the context of webservice architecture. Retrieving a JSON or XML response from a RESTful web service … Continue reading

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Accessing a WMS Tile Server from Bing Maps Silverlight

In my previous post, I described how to add a tile layer from a WMS server using the Bing Maps v7 AJAX control. You can use a similar logic to add a WMS server as a tile source for the … Continue reading

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