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Mappa Mercia Demonstrating the Power of Open Street Maps

Earlier I came across a post on the mappa mercia site that really demonstrates the power of the collaborative nature of Open Street Map compared to other web mapping providers. One determined user has chosen to explore and map all … Continue reading

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Heat Mapping Crime Data with Bing Maps and HTML5 Canvas

Crime data is frequently presented using “heat maps”. See, for example: One of the reasons why heat maps are used to visualise crime data is that crimes are typically recorded as individual incidents, occurring at one particular location, … Continue reading

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Using OGR2OGR to Convert, Reproject, and Load Spatial Data to SQL Server

In a previous post, I used OGR2OGR to join a set of shapefiles together prior to loading them into SQL Server using Shape2SQL. But OGR2OGR can do much more than simply appending shapefiles – it can convert data into different … Continue reading

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Using ESRI Base Map Tile Layers in Bing Maps

( UPDATE: For loading ESRI Base Map Tiles on the AJAX v7.0 control, please go to ) I received an email this morning from the ESRI announcements mailing list stating that “ArcGIS Online basemaps published and hosted by Esri … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Effects and Bad UX in Adobe Illustrator

I’ve just started creating the lineart figures for my next book. These need to be submitted to the publisher in print-quality EPS format, which means I’ve had to find and dust off my old copy of Adobe Illustrator and fire … Continue reading

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Loading Ordnance Survey Open Data into SQL Server 2008

One of the things that I didn’t realise until I started blogging was how interesting I would find the data collected on who actually reads my blog, where they’ve come from, and what they were looking for. As I expected … Continue reading

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The W3C Geolocation API, Internet Explorer 9, and Bing Maps

Yesterday, Microsoft released the first release candidate of Internet Explorer 9. Amongst other features, the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s browser now includes support for the W3C Geolocation API. What this basically means is that (if you allow them to do … Continue reading

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