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More Drawing Fun with SQL Server… this time in Technicolor

It seems I’m not the only one with a penchant for expressing my artistic side with SQL Server. Earlier today, Alex Whittles posted a screenshot to twitter showing his version of the SQLBits logo rendered in SQL Server Management Studio, … Continue reading

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Google Maps –vs- Bing Maps –vs- OSM – Responsiveness of Data Corrections

Yesterday, Glenn Letham published an article on the GISuser website explaining how to report map errors on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Maps etc. Seeing as I’ve already made comparisons in some of my own recent blog posts concerning … Continue reading

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SQL Server Spatial – Coordinate Storage Precision

SQL Server stores geography and geometry coordinates as binary data, adhering to the IEEE-754 standard for binary floating-point arithmetic. Based on this standard, each coordinate is stored as a double-precision floating-point number that is 64 bits (8 bytes) long. However, … Continue reading

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Alpha Shapes and Concave Hulls

One question that gets raised relatively frequently over at the MSDN Spatial forums is how to create a concave hull around a set of points. The answer given is normally the same – while SQL Server provides the STConvexHull() method to … Continue reading

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