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Easy Bulk Loading OS Locator Road Data into SQL Server

I’ve just loaded the Ordnance Survey “OS Locator” dataset (part of Ordnance Survey Open Data) into SQL Server 2008. OS Locator contains details of all the roads in Britain, in a gazetteer-style format. It is a 120Mb delimited text file, … Continue reading

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Modelling Road Networks in SQL Server 2008

One of the most common example uses stated for a LineString geometry (or geography) in SQL Server is to model a road. In fact, a LineString geometry is ideally suited to almost any transit route – it is a simple, … Continue reading

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Notes from the 2011 MVP Summit

So, I spent last week in Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond (essentially all part of the same urban sprawl) attending the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2011. Microsoft’s MVP program has recently received some criticism (see, for example, here and some of the responses here), … Continue reading

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