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Japan Earthquake Data Overload

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand and make informed decisions in a given situation because of a lack of appropriate data. Following the recent terrible events in Japan, however, we’ve experienced the opposite problem – there is a data … Continue reading

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CiviCRM – Creating a Custom Report

One of my current projects involves developing and deploying a new membership/contact database and management information system for a large not-for-profit organisation. Having examined various off-the-shelf systems, including HighRise, the decision was made to go with a customised build of … Continue reading

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Open Street Maps –vs- Ordnance Survey (A.K.A. the Mystery of Birkbeck road)

In a previous post I compared how Open Street Maps (OSM) compared to Bing Maps and Google Maps in terms of completeness, at least for a small part of the UK. In this post I’m going to look at how … Continue reading

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Easy Bulk Loading OS Locator Road Data into SQL Server

I’ve just loaded the Ordnance Survey “OS Locator” dataset (part of Ordnance Survey Open Data) into SQL Server 2008. OS Locator contains details of all the roads in Britain, in a gazetteer-style format. It is a 120Mb delimited text file, … Continue reading

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