Well now, that’s annoying…

So I’ve been using Windows Live Writer to write these blog entries. I quite liked it. UNTIL I CLICKED “PUBLISH” ON MY LAST BLOG ENTRY AND IT OVERWROTE THE PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED POST. Dammit!

Seriously, that is really annoying. I’ve lost Part 2 of my series of posts on creating an Animation in Bing Maps AJAX v7. When I uploaded Part 3, for some reason it overwrote Part 2 on the WordPress server, adopting the URL of the previous post. So you can now find the content of part 3 at: https://alastaira.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/the-4th-dimension-creating-dynamic-animated-tile-layers-in-bing-maps-ajax-v7-part-2/

But that page, while now showing the content of part 3, has got the comments from the previous part 2 attached to it. And the content of Part 2 I seem to have lost completely – my own local Livewriter copies appear to have automatically synchronised themselves back to the (incorrect) remote server, and my Firefox offline cache already shows the wrong version for that page. So I’m now trying to recover the content from the Google cache of the page, which is wasting a serious amount of time…

…in the meantime, you’ll just to have to believe me when I tell you that I’d written a fascinating discourse about the merits of the tiledownloadcomplete event handler, and various approaches to cycling between different tilelayers – knowledge which may be lost for evermore if I can’t sort this damn thing out. Grrrr….

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