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The 4th Dimension – Creating Dynamic Animated Tile Layers in Bing Maps (AJAX v7) – Part 1

Many people (whether influenced more by Einstein’s special theory of relativity or the TARDIS) think of space and time as intricately linked dimensions; we describe the position of an object in space using three dimensions, and time represents the fourth … Continue reading

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No Relation…

Just to quickly respond to one question that came up in my SQLBits feedback: No, Dave and I aren’t related. Although your comment did make us smile.

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SQLBits8 Feedback

So, I received an email the other day containing the feedback results from my SQLBits session, Who Needs Google Maps? (when you’ve got SQL Server). The SQLBits organising committee do a great job, not only in arranging a world-class SQL … Continue reading

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Tilt Shift Lens Effects and Toy Trombonists

Watching the Eurovision Song Contest with friends last Saturday (don’t ask – it’s a family tradition…), we noticed the extensive use of tilt-shift lens effects in the opening “postcard” video preceding each act. Tilt-shift lenses can be adjusted (well, tilted, … Continue reading

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