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Creating a Custom Bing Maps Scale Bar (A.K.A. “Yes, but how many Space Needles is that?”)

Earlier in the year, during the Microsoft MVP summit, myself and a group of fellow delegates spent a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon sightseeing around Seattle (although February in Seattle was a bit cold for Soul Solutions’ John O’Brien, who is … Continue reading

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Geodesics on Bing Maps v7

This month’s MSDN magazine has an article describing how to create curved lines on the Bing Maps AJAX control. While I don’t want to criticise the author at all, there are two comments I would make on the article: Firstly, … Continue reading

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Adding a Touch of Style to Vector Shapes on Bing Maps

In addition to their obvious functional purpose, maps can be objects of great aesthetic beauty. On my bookshelf I have a book (The Map Book, by Peter Barber) full of beautiful illustrations of maps throughout history, such as these: Perhaps … Continue reading

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Importing Spatial Data to SQL Server with OGR2OGR–now even easier!

A few months back, I posted an article explaining how to import spatial data into SQL Server 2008 from any format supported by the OGR library (including ESRI shapefiles, GML, and TIGER data), using OGR2OGR. That article was written using … Continue reading

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Tile Rendering with Mapnik (Part 1 of n, where n is large)

In my last blog post, I explained a little about the process by which you can overlay raster data on Bing Maps, by geo-referencing the source data (if necessary), projecting into the appropriate spherical Mercator projection, then cutting the resulting … Continue reading

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Creating a Bing Maps v7 control Centred on an Address Rather than a known Latitude/Longitude

This was a question that came up at the cloudhack event last weekend – when you create a new instance of the Bing Maps AJAX control, you specify the centrepoint of the map in latitude and longitude coordinates, using the … Continue reading

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Geo-referencing and Tile-cutting Raster Imagery

Just as there are many different formats in which vector spatial data may be represented: Well-Known Text (WKT), Well-Known Binary (WKB), Geography Markup Language (GML), and Keyhole Markup Lanuage (KML), to name but a few – so too are there … Continue reading

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