Correcting Errors on Google Maps – Update

A few months back, I posted a blog post describing a number of errors I had found in Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Open Street Maps, and the steps I had taken to report them to the respective providers. I said that I’d post again if/when I had any news to report.

Well, today I got an email from TeleAtlas (the provider of Google Maps’ data), as follows:

Thank you for contacting Tele Atlas. Based on a review of your report, we can now confirm that the change you suggested has been made. It will go out in the next release of our map database. This report is now closed.


And, checking the report on the TeleAtlas website:


Of course, this only confirms that TeleAtlas has corrected the error. I’m not going to mark this error as “resolved” myself until the correction actually appears on Google Maps, but at least it shows that something has been done…

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1 Response to Correcting Errors on Google Maps – Update

  1. Giles Collingwood says:

    FYI, Google now shows the High Street correctly now:

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