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Tile Rendering with Mapnik (Part 1 of n, where n is large)

In my last blog post, I explained a little about the process by which you can overlay raster data on Bing Maps, by geo-referencing the source data (if necessary), projecting into the appropriate spherical Mercator projection, then cutting the resulting … Continue reading

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Creating a Bing Maps v7 control Centred on an Address Rather than a known Latitude/Longitude

This was a question that came up at the cloudhack event last weekend – when you create a new instance of the Bing Maps AJAX control, you specify the centrepoint of the map in latitude and longitude coordinates, using the … Continue reading

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Geo-referencing and Tile-cutting Raster Imagery

Just as there are many different formats in which vector spatial data may be represented: Well-Known Text (WKT), Well-Known Binary (WKB), Geography Markup Language (GML), and Keyhole Markup Lanuage (KML), to name but a few – so too are there … Continue reading

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Cloud Hack

I spent a very enjoyable day yesterday in London at The Cloud Hack – a one day coding fest in which developers were invited to combine data from two or more APIs and create a cloud-based app, hosted on Windows … Continue reading

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