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Deleting Blank Tiles. In a Dangerous Way.

Creating raster tilesets almost invariably leads to the creation of some blank tiles – covering those areas of space where no features were present in the underlying dataset. Depending on the image format you use for your tiles, and the … Continue reading

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Creating Hill Shaded Tile Overlays

The default Bing Maps road style uses a “hillshade” effect to give an impression of underlying terrain. It’s a relatively subtle, but surprisingly powerful technique to enhance the appearance of map layers, as demonstrated by comparing the following two tiles: … Continue reading

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Rendering Text Labels with Custom Fonts in Mapnik

The default font family used for rendering text labels on maps created by Mapnik (and the one shipped with it) is Deja Vu. Deja Vu Sans Book is a pretty nice font, and can be seen, for example, in all … Continue reading

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Searching for POIs with the Bing Phonebook search

The Bing Maps Locations REST API is for geocoding – i.e. finding addresses or places on a map. However, I’ve seen a couple of questions over the last week from people trying to search not for known addresses, but for … Continue reading

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