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SQL Azure – Keeping up with a Moving Target

Moving your data to the (public) cloud necessarily involves relinquishing some control over the setup and maintenance of the environment in which your data is hosted. Cloud-based hosting services such as Microsoft Azure are effectively just scalable shared hosting providers. … Continue reading

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NoSQL, NoGIS… What’s with all the Negativity?

Databases are dull. So is geography. As a result, professionals in these fields have a habit of desperately trying to make themselves sound more interesting by inventing exciting memes – something that they can turn into a twitter #hashtag or … Continue reading

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Spatial Applications in Windows Azure Redux (including Denali)

Several other people have already written on the subject of writing an Azure application that makes use of the SQL Server spatial datatypes. See, for example, Johannes Kebeck’s or Rex Hansen’s articles. However, having tried to answer a question on … Continue reading

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Spatio-temporal Event Processing with StreamInsight, SQL Server Denali, and Bing Maps – Part 5

Yesterday, fellow Bing Maps MVP Nicolas Boonaert (blog) kindly tweeted a link to my series of posts about analysing spatio-temporal data using StreamInsight and Bing Maps. In addition to the generous words he said publicly, he also sent me a … Continue reading

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