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Exporting Spatial Data From SQL Server to ESRI Shapefile

I love the site stats you get from WordPress. This morning I noticed that, in the 9 months that I’ve been writing this blog, nearly 200 people have come to my site after searching for the term “OGR2OGR” in a … Continue reading

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Creating a Windows 8 Metro Slippy Map Application

So (along with half the world, it seems), I grabbed myself a copy of the Windows 8 Developer Preview earlier in the week and have been trying to get to grips with it, both as a user and also with … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Developer Preview

Like, it seems, many people, I’ve spent some portion of today downloading and playing with the first preview version of Windows 8, released in the early hours of this morning. You can grab the release either from the windows dev … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Metropolis Auto Street Racer. With Bing Maps.

Remember Grand Theft Auto (the first one)? It was one of the first free-roaming top-down driving games, and looked a bit like this: How about Metropolis Street Racer? The Sega Dreamcast game was one of the first to allow you … Continue reading

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