Hello, Stranger…

Long time no post!

The last few months have presented a number of changes for me, both personally and professionally speaking. In order to deal with them I had to enter a sort of “hibernation mode”, shutting down all non-essential activities, which includes blogging. (FWIW, I also have not been replying to many emails, and shut down my Twitter account).

Hopefully, things have started to calm down now, and I can get back to a (revised) normality again, which means this blog should start up again.

There’s lots of things to write about in the coming weeks – I’ve fallen in love with Mapnik again (but have fallen out somewhat with Bing Maps). SQL Server 2012 is nearly here, and I’ll be sharing some of the content from my new book. I’ve also got some new stuff about using spatial with SQL Azure, more OGR/GDAL goodness, and some real-life example applications I’ve been working on recently, including a nice spatially-enabled dashboard in SQL Server Reporting Services. As usual, if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, just let me know, and stay tuned for some new content soon!

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4 Responses to Hello, Stranger…

  1. Lee Hawthorn says:


    Great to see you blogging again. I know it’s a huge subject but would be able to write about the traveling sales person (TSP) problem.



  2. Paul Kayley says:

    Just to agree its good to see you back on the horse Alastair.

    Looking forward to the new book. As an old schooler I much prefer buying my books in Physical form.

    But not knowing howing modern publishers operate – Is there a means of getting the Alpha Copy and then paying the difference latter to get a hard copy rather than having to pay in full again in April?

  3. Jeremy Sanders-Smith says:

    Hi Alastair – Good to see you back in action! Intrigued to find out why you have fallen out with Bing Maps. Tell us more!!


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