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Fun with NFC Part Two – Performing Actions with NFC Tags

In my last post I described my rather underwhelming first experiences with NFC, using the apps that came supplied with my Sony Xperia S Android handset. I then got slightly more success using the excellent (and free, I might mention) … Continue reading

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Fun with NFC Part One – Reading & Writing NFC Tags

Trying to understand and compare the features of modern mobile phone handsets is a nightmare. The rate at which the various fields of technology are advancing is mind-boggling, and it’s not helped by the seemingly endless list of acronyms used … Continue reading

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Google own me and my phone

So I’m writing this post on my new mobile phone – a Sony Xperia S. It’s got a lovely screen, which, at 342 pixels per inch I think is the highest pixel density of any handset currently available in the … Continue reading

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Creating “The Legend of Zelda” map tiles from Bing Maps aerial imagery

Time for something light-hearted, I feel. Following on from last year’s Bing Maps tribute to Grand Theft Auto, I thought I’d do another videogame-themed map hack inspired by perhaps my most-loved game of all time – the Legend of Zelda. … Continue reading

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