I just received notification to say that I’ve been re-awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 2012.

Which is nice.

Most Valuable Professional

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3 Responses to ReMVPed

  1. Xavier says:

    Congratulations Alastair! By seeing the volume of excellent posts here, on SQL Server Spatial forums, and the Sqlbits sessions, you really deserve it.

  2. PaulK says:

    Wel done Alastair- just to echo Xavier and say it would have been a crime had you not been re-awarded the MVP Status.

    Reminds me. Now your book SQL2012 is available in paperbook I’m finally going to buy it. What format ensures most money goes your way rather than the monsters of Amazon.

    Does anyone know how the MarketPlace vendors can sell it at such varied prices?

  3. Nicolas Boonaert says:

    Well deserved! Hope you’re fine fellow!

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