Learnings from Unite 2015

I spent the last three days having a lovely time in Amsterdam attending the Unite Europe 2015 conference. This is just a place for me to gather my notes/thoughts while they’re still in my head:


  • Iestyn Lloyd’s (@yezzer) Dropship demo and his other diaromas are built pretty much entirely with assets and effects from the asset store, including: Orbital reentry craft model by Andromeda, Winter shaders (for the frost effect), RTP and Terrain composer (terrain, obv.), Allsky (skyboxes), Colorful (colour grading/filters), SE natural bloom & dirty lens, SSAO Pro, Amplify motion (effects), and Allegorithmic Substance (texturing)


  • Static Sky is a nice-looking touch-controlled squad shooter for iPad, and the developers have worked out some smart techniques for intuitive camera control and touch input such as dynamically stretching hitboxes in screenspace for interactive objects so that even fat-fingered players’ intentions can be interpreted correctly (clicking close to an enemy will likely be interpreted as the player’s intention to attack that enemy, rather than simply walking up and standing next to them).


  • Lots of new audio stuff in Unity 5 deserves playing with, including the ability to create hierarchical audiomixer groups, transitioning between audiomixer snapshots, and the ability to create audio plugins for, e.g. realtime dynamic effects (vocodering of voices, or programmatic raindrops, for example)
  • Assets for the Blacksmith demo are interesting and worthy of a download to examine, particularly the custom hair and skin shaders

  • The Unity Roadmap is now public, so you can check out what features are coming up.
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