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Cloud Hack

I spent a very enjoyable day yesterday in London at The Cloud Hack – a one day coding fest in which developers were invited to combine data from two or more APIs and create a cloud-based app, hosted on Windows … Continue reading

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PHP and UTF-8 BOM (Or, why do my webpages start with  )

Like many developers, I write code for a variety of platforms, using a variety of platforms. I write C# on an iBook, PHP on a Linux VM running under Windows, Javascript on my desktop, and HTML blogposts on my mobile … Continue reading

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In Defence of 3D Charts…

There was a time, not so long ago, when pretty much all business graphics looked like this:   The global hegemony of Microsoft Excel (particularly, Excel 97), deployed onto millions and millions of users’ desktop PCs meant that the world … Continue reading

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Notes from the 2011 MVP Summit

So, I spent last week in Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond (essentially all part of the same urban sprawl) attending the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2011. Microsoft’s MVP program has recently received some criticism (see, for example, here and some of the responses here), … Continue reading

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