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Procedural Terrain Splatmapping

If you try searching for information on how to assign textures to Unity terrain through code (i.e. derive a “splatmap” of textures based on the terrain heightmap profile itself), you’ll probably end up being sent to this post on the … Continue reading

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Importing DEM Terrain Heightmaps for Unity using GDAL

I know that some folks reading my blog are from the spatial/mapping community, and may have been disappointed that my posts of late have been more influenced by game development and Unity than by spatial data and Bing Maps. Well, … Continue reading

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Garbled Circuits, Location Privacy and Secret Proximity Testing

There are more and more location-aware services in the world. Twitter prompts you to “Add your location” to every tweet, Facebook will ask “Where was this photo taken?”, Foursquare will tell you how many other people have checked in to … Continue reading

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Gridding Geometries (or, “Creating patchwork animals in SQL Server”)

This is one of those things that I can’t imagine anybody would ever really want to do but, seeing as I haven’t posted anything for a while, I thought I’d write about it just in case it’s of use to … Continue reading

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