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Creating a Bing Maps v7 control Centred on an Address Rather than a known Latitude/Longitude

This was a question that came up at the cloudhack event last weekend – when you create a new instance of the Bing Maps AJAX control, you specify the centrepoint of the map in latitude and longitude coordinates, using the … Continue reading

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Displaying Open Street Map and ESRI tiles on Bing Maps AJAX v7

In a previous post, I explained how to replace the base tile layer in the Bing Maps Silverlight control with an ESRI tile layer. In this post, I’ll show how to do the same but using the Bing Maps AJAX … Continue reading

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Accessing a WMS Tile Server from Bing Maps v7

A recent question on the MSDN forums asked about how to create an overlay from a WMS tile server on Bing Maps. A short web search revealed that, although there are some existing articles on this topic, they’re either somewhat … Continue reading

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Pushpin Altitude and the Birdseye Map Style (Bing Maps v7)

For the inaugural post in my new blog, I thought I’d cover one of the (many) issues that seems to have been generating some confusion following the release of the new v7 AJAX API – namely how to set altitude … Continue reading

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