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Useful Online Game A.I. Resources

Besides the books listed in my previous post, there’s a stack of other useful resources available on the ‘net for game A.I. Here’s some of my favourites:   Websites http://natureofcode.com/book/ Entire free online ebook (also available to purchase in paper … Continue reading

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Good Books for Game A.I.

I had a great time last night hosting a presentation on Artificial Intelligence for the Norfolk Indie Game Developers group. Expect to see a series of blog posts on each of the topics appearing here in the near future. In … Continue reading

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At-a-glance functions for modelling utility-based game AI

One of my current projects involves developing a decision-making AI for autonomous characters (i.e. NPCs) in a computer game. The idea is pretty straightforward – instead of switching between a set of finite states based on simple triggers (i.e. if … Continue reading

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