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Masking out particular areas of interest on Bing Maps

A recent question on the MSDN Bing Maps forums asked if it was possible to display a Bing Map in which only a particular country was visible, painting out everything else. There’s certainly nothing built into the API to do … Continue reading

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Machine Learning and the Bing Maps Perceptron

Wow, has it really been that long since I last did a blog post? <checks calendar> Yes, yes, it appears it has been that long. Sorry about that – normal excuses apply: work, kids, moving house, the dog’s been ill … Continue reading

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URL Parameters for the Bing Maps website

The Bing Maps AJAX v7 API lets you create and embed a custom Bing Map in your own webpage containing Pushpins, LineStrings, and Polygons, custom overlays and specified map styles etc. However, on many occasions you might not want, or … Continue reading

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Routing Sans Frontières

I noticed a question on StackOverflow recently, concerning the ability of various web-mapping services (Google Maps, Bing Map et al.) to plan routes across national borders. I have to say that it’s a question I’ve never really considered before – … Continue reading

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“Advanced Shapes” (i.e. Donut Polygons) on Bing Maps

I notice that the MSDN Reference for Bing Maps was recently updated to include details of a new “Advanced Shapes” API. I don’t know exactly when this came out and I’ve not seen any releases from the product team about … Continue reading

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Geocoding in SQL Server with the Bing Maps Locations API

Almost every SQL Server database contains “spatial” data. That information might not use the dedicated geography or geometry spatial datatypes but, more likely, could be a table of customer addresses, the name of a city of region for which a … Continue reading

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More Tilt-Shift Trickery… with Bing Maps Birdseye

A few weeks ago, John Nelson of IDV Solutions posted an infographic describing how to simulate tilt-shift photography using aerial imagery from Bing Maps. You can see his guide on visual.ly. While using Bing Maps imagery as a source for … Continue reading

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