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A Simple Mind-Reading Machine

Just for fun, I decided to implement a "Mind Reading Machine" based on the work of Claude Shannon and D.W. Hagelbarger. If you’re not familiar with it, there’s a good summary of Shannon’s idea here (together with descriptions of some … Continue reading

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Procedural Terrain Splatmapping

If you try searching for information on how to assign textures to Unity terrain through code (i.e. derive a “splatmap” of textures based on the terrain heightmap profile itself), you’ll probably end up being sent to this post on the … Continue reading

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The 7DFPS Game Jam, Augmented Reality, and “Spectral Echoes”

For the recent 7-Day FPS Challenge, I decided to try writing an augmented reality game – blending in-game graphics with a display taken from the rear-facing video feed on an phone/tablet device, and game navigation achieved through physical manipulation of … Continue reading

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Deleting Blank Tiles. In a Dangerous Way.

Creating raster tilesets almost invariably leads to the creation of some blank tiles – covering those areas of space where no features were present in the underlying dataset. Depending on the image format you use for your tiles, and the … Continue reading

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