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Guess Who Reloaded for the Rainbow Jam 2016

I recently enrolled to take part in the Rainbow Jam but, with somewhat of a lack of foresight, failed to realise I was going to be on holiday in France for most of the jam period, without either a computer … Continue reading

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Learnings from Unite 2015

I spent the last three days having a lovely time in Amsterdam attending the Unite Europe 2015 conference. This is just a place for me to gather my notes/thoughts while they’re still in my head:   Iestyn Lloyd’s (@yezzer) Dropship … Continue reading

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Creating a Unity game stretched over Two Monitors

I guess many developers, like me, use a dual-output graphics card to make their Windows workspace extend over two monitors. I’ve been experimenting with whether it’s possible to make a Unity game that spanned two monitors (and, perhaps even more … Continue reading

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Previewing FBX Animations in Quicktime Player

I’ve been building up a library of FBX animations from a combination of MoCap stuff I’ve found around the internet and my own lovingly hand-crafted (though rather stilted – I’m not a natural animator!) clips. I now have a folder … Continue reading

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