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Lighting Models and BRDF Maps

A Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) is a mathematical function that describes how light is reflected when it hits a surface. This largely corresponds to a lighting model in Unity-speak (although note that BDRFs are concerned only with reflected light, … Continue reading

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Importing DEM Terrain Heightmaps for Unity using GDAL

I know that some folks reading my blog are from the spatial/mapping community, and may have been disappointed that my posts of late have been more influenced by game development and Unity than by spatial data and Bing Maps. Well, … Continue reading

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Oooh… Shiny! Fun with Cube-Mapping

Cube mapping is a rendering technique to create shiny surfaces that appear to reflect the environment around them. Note that this differs from specular highlights – bright spots caused by reflected lights in the scene. Instead, cube maps simulate the … Continue reading

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Smooth Unity Camera Transitions with Animation Curves

I’m creating a game in which I want to transition between two camera views – a top-down, overhead camera that gives a zoomed-out world view, and an over-the-shoulder style forward-facing camera to give a close-up view. Let’s say for the … Continue reading

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Hand-Drawn Shaders and creating Tonal Art Maps

I recently submitted my first asset to the Unity Asset Store – a set of shaders designed to produce a variety of real-time “hand-drawn” effects. Drawing on a range of influences, including A-Ha, Murasaki Baby, and Okami, the shaders are … Continue reading

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Animal Crossing Curved World Shader

Continuing the theme of my last post, I thought I’d write another shader – this time to mimic the cylindrical rolloff effect of distant objects seen in, amongst others, the “Animal Crossing” series. Rather than appearing on a flat plane, … Continue reading

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Super Mario Galaxy “Reveal Hidden Platforms” CG Shader

I’m enjoying playing through my old Nintendo Wii titles with my six-year old son – he’s into Super Mario Galaxy, but I have to help him with the tricky levels (naturally, I’m happy to oblige!).  One such level is in … Continue reading

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