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Importing DEM Terrain Heightmaps for Unity using GDAL

I know that some folks reading my blog are from the spatial/mapping community, and may have been disappointed that my posts of late have been more influenced by game development and Unity than by spatial data and Bing Maps. Well, … Continue reading

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MapTiler, GDAL2Tiles, and Raster Resampling

So I’ve been using MapTiler to create some quick raster tilesets from a set of GeoTIFF images. MapTiler is a Windows application that will reproject and cut any GDAL-supported datasource into a set of 256px x 256px image tiles, suitable … Continue reading

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Building GDAL to support wildcards

Earlier today, I was attempting to use the gdalbuildvrt utility function to create a virtual spatial datasource that combined a set of GeoTIFFs in a directory. The GeoTIFF files formed a set of perfectly tessellating images, from which I wanted … Continue reading

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