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Geocoding in SQL Server with the Bing Maps Locations API

Almost every SQL Server database contains “spatial” data. That information might not use the dedicated geography or geometry spatial datatypes but, more likely, could be a table of customer addresses, the name of a city of region for which a … Continue reading

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Parsing Free-Text Addresses and a UK Postcode Regular Expression Pattern

In my upcoming session at SQLBits this Saturday, I’ll be attempting to replicate the functionality of Google Maps using nothing but freely-available tools and data – SQL Server Express, OS Open Data, and a dash of Silverlight. One of the … Continue reading

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Who needs Google Maps? Build your own Mapping, Geocoding, and Routing service with SQL Server

Back in November 2009, I was lucky enough to present a session at the SQLBits V conference, on “Creating High Performance Spatial Databases“. I say “lucky” not because I enjoy presenting at conferences (because I don’t particularly), but because SQL … Continue reading

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