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Drawing Fractals with SQL Server Spatial

I can’t think of any practical purpose for this code, but here’s a recursive SQLCLR procedure to draw a Sierpinski triangle fractal (or, at least, an approximation of one to a given level of detail) in SQL Server just because … Continue reading

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Nearest-Neighbours, Voronoi Diagrams, and Finding your nearest SQL Server Usergroup

As somebody interested in all things spatial, I was delighted that the community corner at SQLBits8 featured an interactive mapping application. Many people commented on how much work had obviously gone into the user interface: the ability to add “pushpins” … Continue reading

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Modelling Road Networks in SQL Server 2008

One of the most common example uses stated for a LineString geometry (or geography) in SQL Server is to model a road. In fact, a LineString geometry is ideally suited to almost any transit route – it is a simple, … Continue reading

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Splitting Multi Geometries into single geometries

Unlike some spatial formats/systems (such as the ESRI shapefile), SQL Server lets you store different types of geometry within a single column. That is to say that a single geometry or geography column within a SQL Server table may contain … Continue reading

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