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Monitoring your MP’s activity… on Google Maps?!

A few days ago I went on a tour of the Houses of Parliament (a present from my wife – I didn’t realise that you couldn’t just walk in off the street – you need to approach your MP to … Continue reading

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Routing Sans Frontières

I noticed a question on StackOverflow recently, concerning the ability of various web-mapping services (Google Maps, Bing Map et al.) to plan routes across national borders. I have to say that it’s a question I’ve never really considered before – … Continue reading

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Google’s April Fools’ Day 8-bit Map

Today, Google launched its annual April Fool’s joke – go to http://maps.google.com right now and you’ll see a new “Quest” map style in addition to the regular satellite and aerial map styles. Looks a little…. familiar? Here’s the 8-bit tileset … Continue reading

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“Apple” Maps (or, “OpenStreetMap Reinvented”…)

Update: Please also read the further information about this post — Traditionally, map applications on Apple platforms have made use of Google Maps. But iPhoto for iOS, launched today, ditches the familiar Google Maps interface in favour of a new … Continue reading

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Correcting Errors on Google Maps – Update

A few months back, I posted a blog post describing a number of errors I had found in Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Open Street Maps, and the steps I had taken to report them to the respective providers. I … Continue reading

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Google Maps –vs- Bing Maps –vs- OSM – Responsiveness of Data Corrections

Yesterday, Glenn Letham published an article on the GISuser website explaining how to report map errors on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Maps etc. Seeing as I’ve already made comparisons in some of my own recent blog posts concerning … Continue reading

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The Google Maps / Bing Maps Spherical Mercator Projection

I see a lot of people get confused or report problems when attempting to project spatial data to create raster images that line up with the base map layers used in Bing Maps / Google Maps. It’s not helped by … Continue reading

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