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Using the Stencil Buffer in Unity Free

News concerning the recent release of Unity 4.6 was largely dominated by its new UI system. However, closer inspection of the 4.6 release notes reveals some other interesting changes and improvements, including the announcement that “Stencil buffer is now available … Continue reading

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Sepia Shader

I found this techrepublic page, which gives a conversion algorithm from a standard RGB image to a Sepia image tone as follows: You can obviously tweak these values if you like – there is no exact formula (Sepia itself being … Continue reading

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Lighting Models and BRDF Maps

A Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) is a mathematical function that describes how light is reflected when it hits a surface. This largely corresponds to a lighting model in Unity-speak (although note that BDRFs are concerned only with reflected light, … Continue reading

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Oooh… Shiny! Fun with Cube-Mapping

Cube mapping is a rendering technique to create shiny surfaces that appear to reflect the environment around them. Note that this differs from specular highlights – bright spots caused by reflected lights in the scene. Instead, cube maps simulate the … Continue reading

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More Tilt-Shift Trickery… with Bing Maps Birdseye

A few weeks ago, John Nelson of IDV Solutions posted an infographic describing how to simulate tilt-shift photography using aerial imagery from Bing Maps. You can see his guide on visual.ly. While using Bing Maps imagery as a source for … Continue reading

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