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Installing Apache Cordova/PhoneGap 2.2 for Android development under Windows

I’m dabbling in several projects developing for mobile devices at the moment, and the first thing I’ve had to do is set up the appropriate development environment(s). One such example was to perform a fresh install of PhoneGap (the last … Continue reading

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Fun with NFC Part Three – Make-your-own Sony Xperia SmartTags

(Before continuing, I should state that I am indebted to a reader, “James”, who provided the Sony SmartTag URIs in a comment to my previous post.) My explorations into the world of NFC on my Android mobile phone continue. After … Continue reading

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Fun with NFC Part Two – Performing Actions with NFC Tags

In my last post I described my rather underwhelming first experiences with NFC, using the apps that came supplied with my Sony Xperia S Android handset. I then got slightly more success using the excellent (and free, I might mention) … Continue reading

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Fun with NFC Part One – Reading & Writing NFC Tags

Trying to understand and compare the features of modern mobile phone handsets is a nightmare. The rate at which the various fields of technology are advancing is mind-boggling, and it’s not helped by the seemingly endless list of acronyms used … Continue reading

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