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Apple Maps and OSM – Further Explanation

So, this time yesterday I posted a blog post describing how Apple appeared to be using OSM data in their new map tiles without attribution. In the last 24 hours, that post has received more page views and comments than … Continue reading

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“Apple” Maps (or, “OpenStreetMap Reinvented”…)

Update: Please also read the further information about this post — Traditionally, map applications on Apple platforms have made use of Google Maps. But iPhoto for iOS, launched today, ditches the familiar Google Maps interface in favour of a new … Continue reading

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Loading Open Street Map Data in SQL Server Part II: Ways.

In a previous post, I described how to load POI data from Open Street Maps into SQL Server. POIs are, by their very nature, pretty easy to define and store, since they are individual points of interest. In this post … Continue reading

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Displaying Open Street Map and ESRI tiles on Bing Maps AJAX v7

In a previous post, I explained how to replace the base tile layer in the Bing Maps Silverlight control with an ESRI tile layer. In this post, I’ll show how to do the same but using the Bing Maps AJAX … Continue reading

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