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Google Maps –vs- Bing Maps –vs- OSM – Responsiveness of Data Corrections

Yesterday, Glenn Letham published an article on the GISuser website explaining how to report map errors on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Maps etc. Seeing as I’ve already made comparisons in some of my own recent blog posts concerning … Continue reading

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Mappa Mercia Demonstrating the Power of Open Street Maps

Earlier I came across a post on the mappa mercia site that really demonstrates the power of the collaborative nature of Open Street Map compared to other web mapping providers. One determined user has chosen to explore and map all … Continue reading

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Loading Open Street Map POIs with SQL Server / Bing Maps

Open Street Maps uses the same spherical Mercator projection as used by Bing Maps and Google Maps. This means that it’s possible to “mix-n-match” tile layers from each source, and there’s already a couple of posts on the internet demonstrating … Continue reading

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Automatic Road Detection using Bing Maps Imagery

Microsoft are often accused of imitating rather than innovating. For example, claims have surfaced this week that Bing copies Google’s search results. And, in the world of mapping, Bing Map’s “Streetside” looks, and sounds,  really quite a lot like Google … Continue reading

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