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Customising CiviCRM Mailing Labels

So, today I had a break from spatial stuff to do some volunteer I.T. work for a local not-for-profit organisation. They use CiviCRM as their contact management system, and they wanted to modify the way that it produces mailing labels … Continue reading

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PHP and UTF-8 BOM (Or, why do my webpages start with  )

Like many developers, I write code for a variety of platforms, using a variety of platforms. I write C# on an iBook, PHP on a Linux VM running under Windows, Javascript on my desktop, and HTML blogposts on my mobile … Continue reading

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The 4th Dimension – Creating Dynamic Animated Tile Layers in Bing Maps (AJAX v7) – Part 1

Many people (whether influenced more by Einstein’s special theory of relativity or the TARDIS) think of space and time as intricately linked dimensions; we describe the position of an object in space using three dimensions, and time represents the fourth … Continue reading

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