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Routing Sans Frontières

I noticed a question on StackOverflow recently, concerning the ability of various web-mapping services (Google Maps, Bing Map et al.) to plan routes across national borders. I have to say that it’s a question I’ve never really considered before – … Continue reading

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Automatic Road Detection using Bing Maps Imagery

Microsoft are often accused of imitating rather than innovating. For example, claims have surfaced this week that Bing copies Google’s search results. And, in the world of mapping, Bing Map’s “Streetside” looks, and sounds,  really quite a lot like Google … Continue reading

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Drivetime Polygons with MapPoint and Bing Maps

There was a time, a few years ago, when the MapPoint CD could regularly be found in my computer’s CD drive… back then, it was the best tool for examining maps, plotting routes, and creating your own sets of pushpin … Continue reading

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Who needs Google Maps? Build your own Mapping, Geocoding, and Routing service with SQL Server

Back in November 2009, I was lucky enough to present a session at the SQLBits V conference, on “Creating High Performance Spatial Databases“. I say “lucky” not because I enjoy presenting at conferences (because I don’t particularly), but because SQL … Continue reading

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