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“Point-of-Maximal Distance” queries (AKA Variations on a Theme of Nearest-Neighbours)

Nearest neighbour queries (or, for my international readers, nearest-neighbor queries), are a pretty common query pattern used in location-based applications and spatial analysis:- given a set of known locations of restaurants, customers, stations etc.,  “What/where is the nearest X to … Continue reading

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Apple Maps and OSM – Further Explanation

So, this time yesterday I posted a blog post describing how Apple appeared to be using OSM data in their new map tiles without attribution. In the last 24 hours, that post has received more page views and comments than … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2012 – What’s New for Spatial?

So Microsoft launched SQL Server 2012 today, and you can download the SQL 2012 Express edition right now from http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/en/us/get-sql-server/try-it.aspx No doubt there will be lots of people writing blog articles about the various new features – AlwaysOn, Column Store … Continue reading

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Drawing Fractals with SQL Server Spatial

I can’t think of any practical purpose for this code, but here’s a recursive SQLCLR procedure to draw a Sierpinski triangle fractal (or, at least, an approximation of one to a given level of detail) in SQL Server just because … Continue reading

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