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Masking out particular areas of interest on Bing Maps

A recent question on the MSDN Bing Maps forums asked if it was possible to display a Bing Map in which only a particular country was visible, painting out everything else. There’s certainly nothing built into the API to do … Continue reading

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Bing Maps Ready Reckoner

Compared to more fully-featured and complex GIS systems, the maths behind Bing Maps is relatively straightforward: Bing Maps are always projected using the same Spherical Mercator projection (EPSG: 3857). Bing Maps are always displayed at one of a fixed number … Continue reading

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Converting TMS Tile Coordinates to Google/Bing/OSM Tile Coordinates

In addition to referencing tiles by quadkey, Bing Maps also refers to tiles by x, y, and z coordinates. This is the way you reference tiles when overriding the GetUri() method of the Silverlight Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.TileSource class, for example, and the … Continue reading

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Tile Rendering with Mapnik (Part 1 of n, where n is large)

In my last blog post, I explained a little about the process by which you can overlay raster data on Bing Maps, by geo-referencing the source data (if necessary), projecting into the appropriate spherical Mercator projection, then cutting the resulting … Continue reading

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The 4th Dimension – Creating Dynamic Animated Tile Layers in Bing Maps (AJAX v7) – Part 5

If you’ve been following this series of blog posts, you’ll know that I’ve been investigating methods to create an animated background tile layer to display weather maps using the Bing Maps v7 AJAX control. Here’s a quick recap of where … Continue reading

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