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Masking out particular areas of interest on Bing Maps

A recent question on the MSDN Bing Maps forums asked if it was possible to display a Bing Map in which only a particular country was visible, painting out everything else. There‚Äôs certainly nothing built into the API to do … Continue reading

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Bing Maps Ready Reckoner

Compared to more fully-featured and complex GIS systems, the maths behind Bing Maps is relatively straightforward: Bing Maps are always projected using the same Spherical Mercator projection (EPSG: 3857). Bing Maps are always displayed at one of a fixed number … Continue reading

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Converting TMS Tile Coordinates to Google/Bing/OSM Tile Coordinates

In addition to referencing tiles by quadkey, Bing Maps also refers to tiles by x, y, and z coordinates. This is the way you reference tiles when overriding the GetUri() method of the Silverlight Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.TileSource class, for example, and the … Continue reading

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Tile Rendering with Mapnik (Part 1 of n, where n is large)

In my last blog post, I explained a little about the process by which you can overlay raster data on Bing Maps, by geo-referencing the source data (if necessary), projecting into the appropriate spherical Mercator projection, then cutting the resulting … Continue reading

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