The Norwich Game Expo, or “breaking one’s New Year’s resolutions”

Every year I set New Year’s resolutions. Many years I don’t succeed in keeping them, but I still believe that there’s a benefit in having thought about what you want to change in your life, and at least making a start towards doing something about it.

For 2013, I set myself a resolution that, before the end of the year, I would finish and publish one of the many ideas I’ve had for a computer game (which I’ve had floating around my head since about the age of 9). Even though it’s only April, I don’t think I’m going to make it, but I’m not concerned  because other good things have happened as a result.

Having set the resolution, I decided to become more active in my local indie game development group – the Norfolk Indie Game Developers. As a result, I’ve met a bunch of really nice and talented people, and I’ve enjoyed giving a presentation on Game A.I. to the group (having not presented at a major event since SQLBits VIII, back in April 2011, it was good to get back into it).

Then, following a meeting with my friend Adrian Cooke, director of Norwich Sound + Vision, I now find myself co-organising the Norwich Game Expo – a public event in Norwich on October 11th/12th 2013 showcasing some of the creative game dev talent going on in the East of England.

I’ve spent the day planning the event: speaking to sponsors, funding organisations, media organisations, and I feel excited and energised. Despite being only an “adopted” Norfolkian, I’m proud to represent the technical and creative talents of Norwich and the East of England, and I’m looking forward to showing the rest of the world some of that greatness too. Expect to hear a lot more soon.

 NiGD final 001NS VLogoHorizontalBlack-web

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