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In Defence of 3D Charts…

There was a time, not so long ago, when pretty much all business graphics looked like this:   The global hegemony of Microsoft Excel (particularly, Excel 97), deployed onto millions and millions of users’ desktop PCs meant that the world … Continue reading

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Categorising Open Street Map Road Types For Display and Routefinding

At the end of one my previous posts, I displayed a set of ways imported from Open Street Map in SQL Server Management Studio. It looked like this: Now, as I stated previously, OSM ways don’t equate to roads. Ways … Continue reading

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Nearest-Neighbours, Voronoi Diagrams, and Finding your nearest SQL Server Usergroup

As somebody interested in all things spatial, I was delighted that the community corner at SQLBits8 featured an interactive mapping application. Many people commented on how much work had obviously gone into the user interface: the ability to add “pushpins” … Continue reading

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The Bing Read Write World

During his session yesterday at the Where 2.0 conference, Blaise Aguera y Arcas showed the first public demo of where Microsoft are going in the mapping space, monikered (slightly oddly, I find) the Read/ Write world. Described as “an indexing, … Continue reading

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