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Loading OS VectorMap data to SQL Server with Powershell and OGR2OGR

I’ve already written several posts about loading spatial data into SQL Server – using OGR2OGR, or Shape2SQL, for example. In this post, I’m going to demonstrate how you can call OGR2OGR from a PowerShell script in order to loop through … Continue reading

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Easy Bulk Loading OS Locator Road Data into SQL Server

I’ve just loaded the Ordnance Survey “OS Locator” dataset (part of Ordnance Survey Open Data) into SQL Server 2008. OS Locator contains details of all the roads in Britain, in a gazetteer-style format. It is a 120Mb delimited text file, … Continue reading

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Using OGR2OGR to Convert, Reproject, and Load Spatial Data to SQL Server

In a previous post, I used OGR2OGR to join a set of shapefiles together prior to loading them into SQL Server using Shape2SQL. But OGR2OGR can do much more than simply appending shapefiles – it can convert data into different … Continue reading

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Loading Ordnance Survey Open Data into SQL Server 2008

One of the things that I didn’t realise until I started blogging was how interesting I would find the data collected on who actually reads my blog, where they’ve come from, and what they were looking for. As I expected … Continue reading

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