Useful Online Game A.I. Resources

Besides the books listed in my previous post, there’s a stack of other useful resources available on the ‘net for game A.I. Here’s some of my favourites:



Entire free online ebook (also available to purchase in paper form) covering a variety of interesting algorithms based on the natural world – chaos, genetics, forces, fractals, neural networks and more. Contains good online code examples written in processing.

Craig Reynolds’ original description of the popular “Steering Behaviours for Autonomous Characters”, which have been re-used in many forms since their first introduction. Perhaps the most famous is his boids flocking algorithm, but be sure to check out the other behaviours, such as queueing and collision avoidance.

Some good, up-to-date articles and videos. You can register for free to get access to the “insider” content, but for the really good “premium” content, you’ll need a paid registration.


Forums / Q+A sites

The following two sites have dedicated tags for game AI questions, and are fairly active and helpful:


Papers / Presentations

The best place to look for state-of-the-art AI examples is the papers presented at the GDC AI Summit each year. A catalogue of presentations from every previous conference is listed at and these are generally available for viewing on the GDC website at , but only if you’ve got a paid membership 😦

However, here’s some other interesting papers that are freely-available:

Killzone’s AI: Dynamic Procedural Tactics

Next-gen content creation for next-gen AI

A list of presentations and articles by Damian Isla, former AI and Gameplay engineering lead at Bungie.

HTN Planning and Game State Management in Warcraft II



There are no game-AI specific online courses that I am aware of. However, there are several excellent general A.I. courses, and these cover many relevant techniques such as A* and other searches, task planning, dealing with sensor data etc. There’s also courses on subjects allied to game development such as game theory and gamification. They’re all free and from top universities, so lap them up!

Intro to Artificial Intelligence (Udacity)

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (Udacity)

CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence (University of Berkeley, California via edX)

Artificial Intelligence Planning (University of Edinburgh via Coursera)

Neural Networks for Machine Learning (University of Toronto via Coursera)

Machine Learning (Stanford University via Coursera)

Game Theory (Stanford University via Coursera)

Gamification (University of Pennsylvania via Coursera)

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