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Grabbing and Converting Adobe Streaming Video Fragments

I was recently interviewed by Mustard TV for a feature on the Norwich Sound & Vision festival, in which I’ve been involved. The feature was broadcast on Freeview cable TV but I can’t pick up the channel where I live, … Continue reading

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Underwater Effects

There’s lots of resources that describe techniques for realistic rendering of water surfaces. Unity comes supplied with several standard water assets, and there are some excellent descriptions of more advanced water effects at scrawkblog to generate spectacular ocean surfaces such … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Napoleon

I was commissioned to create a game for the “Nelson’s Norfolk” exhibition that has been running in The Forum, Norwich throughout August. “The Hunt for Napoleon” is a first-person adventure set during the Battle of the Nile, in which players … Continue reading

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Batch Conversion of BVH to FBX Motion Capture files

Continuing my foray into the world of motion capture, I’ve been building up my own collection of mocap data files from various sources I find on the ‘net, with the hope of ultimately using them to animate a Mecanim rig … Continue reading

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A Simple Mind-Reading Machine

Just for fun, I decided to implement a "Mind Reading Machine" based on the work of Claude Shannon and D.W. Hagelbarger. If you’re not familiar with it, there’s a good summary of Shannon’s idea here (together with descriptions of some … Continue reading

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Project Spark : First Impressions

Project Spark is an upcoming game/game creation environment/educational coding tool/interactive story creator/all/none of the above. Actually, I’m not quite sure what it is (nor exactly who it’s aimed at), but recently I’ve been doing a lot of computing with kids … Continue reading

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Glass Shader

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently from folks trying to create shaders that recreate the appearance of glass. I guess the reason is that glass is a pretty common material, but modelling its appearance is surprisingly complex – requiring … Continue reading

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